100 Hole Hike Golf Marathon

Breaking down barriers into golf through First Tee

This year’s 100 Hole Hike Golf Marathon is set for Monday, May 17th at Wescott Plantation.  This annual event brings together golf enthusiasts and First Tee Friends to take the formidable challenge of completing 100 holes of golf or more in one day, raising money and awareness to Break Down Barriers into golf and First Tee.  Hikers play all day – walking, running, and riding, while taking hundreds of swings.  Each hiker collects donations and pledges per hole from friends, families and colleagues to support their efforts.  Most importantly, proceeds from this challenging and fun event will Break Down Barriers like the ones below for kids all across the Lowcountry!

Special Thanks To ALL Who Are Taking The Hike This Year:

Matthew Alderman
Ross Armstrong
Ben Aton
Mary Fran Blanchard
Ford Blanchard
Mark Bolchoz
Chris Browne
Liz Buterbaugh
Chandler Carter
Kam Casey
Tom Casey
Hunter Chipley
Adam Chubb
George Cooke
Tait Cotes

LB Dantzler
Elijah Driscoll
Chip Ducan
Chase Elliott
David Fluharty
Paul Ford
Devin Fox
Ryan George
Bo Harrell
Danny Harris
Paul Heinauer
Miles Hopkins
Scott Houghton
Chrys Kanos
Addison King
Lee Knight
Kenny Lyons

David McClain
Jeff McDowell
Rob McEwen
Mike McGahey
Jon Nelson
Ben Nesvold
Chris Nonneman
Chris Orphey
Scott Peevy
Ben Perrone
Russ Playford
Mike Pochily
John Putney
Bill Read
Josh Renfro
Rex Riley
Elliott Ruus
Will Salters

Taylor Sekanovich
Ben Shand
Tucker Shealy
Bryan Shiver
Patrick Smith
Nathan St John
Mike Stapleton
Foster Thalheimer
Jonathan Tuggle
Shamil Velasquez
Nick Vlattas
Drew Wagner
Thomas Wagoner
Taylor Wall
Matt Williams
Wes Wilson
Joe Wojda
Graham Worsham

If you would like to participate or support the upcoming 100 Hole Hike Golf Marathon,
please contact:  Bucky Dudley  |  (843) 654-1228  |  [email protected]






100 Hole Hike Golf Marathon Highlights (2020)

  • 96 golfers
  • 85,000 holes played
  • 44,000 swings
  • 1,800 miles of golf
  • 1,350 pledges/supporters
  • $165,000 funds raised

Past Champions:

Team Champions (fundraising) – Wes Sellew & Sted Dowd
Team Champions (pledges) – Jonathan Tuggle & Scott Houghton
Champion Club of the Year (fundraising) – Kiawah Island Club
Champion Club of the Year (pledges) – Yeamans Hall Club

Team Champions (pledges) – Danner Benfield & Rich Brazeau
Team Champions (fundraising) – Thomas Wagoner & Rex Riley