Core Golf and Life Skills Program

First Tee uses golf to teach youth life lessons and leadership skills. Sessions on golf courses include a fun, group setting for youth ages 5 to 18. regardless of background or previous experience. Teaming up with experts in positive youth development, First Tee helps youth become good golfers and even better people.

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Safety is a top priority for all coaches, volunteers, and participants.  Click here to view all of our chapter’s COVID-related protocols.

A Youth Program Unlike Any Other

First Tee emphasizes Nine Core Values: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment. Through golf and our core values, your kids and teens will learn life skills like:

  • Making proper introductions
  • Managing emotions
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Setting up step-by-step goals
  • Planning for the future
  • Appreciating diversity

Program Locations

We host spring, summer, and fall 8-week Core Program sessions at eight local golf courses (locations may vary by season):

  • Charleston Municipal, James Island
  • Patriots Point Golf Links, Mount Pleasant
  • RiverTowne Country Club, Mount Pleasant
  • Shadowmoss Golf Club, West Ashley
  • Wescott Golf Club, North Charleston
  • The Club at Pine Forest, Summerville
  • Berkeley Country Club, Moncks Corner
  • Wrenwoods Golf Course, Joint Base Charleston (open only to military families with base access)

Advancing through the Program

From age 5 through 18, youth progress through different levels by demonstrating First Tee Nine Core Values, life and golf skills as well as passing an assessment. All participants, regardless of age, start at the TARGET (ages 5-6), PLAYer (ages 7-12), or Teen (ages 12-18) level. The pinnacle of First Tee is completing Ace.


  • For all new or returning participants ages 5-6 – only at Patriots Point
  • The TARGET level exposes 5 and 6 year olds to golf in a fun, safe environment while also introducing some of the basic life skills that they will continue to be exposed to during First Tee’s Core Golf and Life Skills Programs. Children will participate in games and activities that develop the motor skills necessary to play the game and get a head start before joining the PLAYer level when they reach their 7th birthday. Lessons will be focused on the 6 components of the TARGET acronym: Take Aim, Anyone Can Play, Respect, Golf is a Game, Enjoy It, and Try It. The level is different than the ones after it, in that participation is not required in TARGET to start in PLAYer and there is no assessment at the TARGET level, participants simply age out when they turn 7 years old.


  • For all new or returning participants ages 7-12
  • The PLAYer level focuses on introducing participants to the game including: the course, safety, equipment, rules and etiquette as well as The First Tee Code of Conduct. An introduction is made to Playing the game, Learning the game, Appreciating the game and finding Your game. The PLAYer Assessment opportunity is available after completing this level.


  • For new and returning participants ages 12-18 – only at Patriots Point and Wescott
  • The Teen level is a combination of life & golf skills from Player and Par levels developed age appropriately. A focus is put on building communication skills. Each Participant is required to take (2) Teen sessions before given the opportunity to register for the Par Assessment & PLAYer (written only) Assessment.

Advanced PLAYER

  • For PLAYer-certified returning participants ages 8-13 
  • The Advanced PLAYer level focuses on continued introduction to the Life Skills Curriculum, while strengthening the participant’s knowledge of the game including: the course, equipment, rules and etiquette. An emphasis is placed on purposeful play while developing First Tee Nine Healthy Habits. The Adv. PLAYer Assessment opportunity is available after completing this level.


  • For Advanced PLAYer-certified returning participants ages 9-14 
  • The Par Level focuses on introducing interpersonal communication and self-management skills. Participants learn how to introduce themselves, respect others and keep a positive attitude while learning something new. The golf skills focus on an introduction to purposeful practice and instruction with continued focus on rules and etiquette. The Par Assessment opportunity is available after completing this level.


  • For Par-certified returning participants ages 11-18
  • The Birdie Level focuses primarily on goal setting. The Birdie Level curriculum teaches developing goals, goal ladders (plans/steps to achieving goals) and how to deal with challenges when faced with adversity. The golf skills focus on advanced putting and short game skills, course management and more intensive instruction in the rules of golf. Students will develop goals for their golf game and work to achieve them. There is a minimum of (4) Birdie sessions before certification is allowed.


  • For Birdie-certified returning participants ages 13-18 
  • The Eagle Level focuses on health and wellness, building a support team, dealing with conflicts, appreciating diversity and planning for the future. Students will focus on getting the most out of their practice sessions, learning to self-check their swings, improving accuracy and course management. The Eagle Assessment opportunity is available after completing this level.


  • For Eagle-certified returning participants ages 15-18 
  • The Ace Level focuses on real-world applications of First Tee’s life skills. Participants complete four projects that deal with their golf aspirations, job interviews, volunteerism, and applying for college.

Program Cost

The Registration Fee for our 8-week program is $50 per season.  Additionally, new participants must pay a $30 New Participant Fee in addition to the $50 Registration Fee when registering for their first season.  Financial Scholarships are available for qualifying participants (click here to learn more).  We provide all golf equipment your child will need for the session.  If your child has his/her own clubs, please bring them, however, if he/she does not, we will provide them to borrow during each class.

Equipment and Attire

Participants do not need to bring their own golf equipment to lessons. First Tee – Greater Charleston provides access to developmentally appropriate equipment during each session.  If participants have their own golf clubs, please feel free to bring them, but if they do not or if clubs they own may not be the correct size, we recommend utilizing our equipment.

We encourage all participants to wear comfortable, appropriate clothing (golf polos or plain tee shirts, shorts or skirts, and a hat – please, no jeans) and footwear (sneakers are a great option, especially for beginning golfers).  Please also consider bringing a water bottle.  We will have plenty of water to refill the bottles during breaks.  Lastly, please take precaution by using sunscreen and bug spray – these will not be provided by coaches due to allergy concerns. 

The Power of Relationships

“I consider my coaches at The First Tee to be some of the most important mentors I had growing up.” –alumnus

First Tee coaches are trained to create positive relationships that inspire youth to discover their individual potential. Our programs help young people build confidence, develop respect and appreciate the value of giving back to our community all while learning the lifelong sport of golf.  To get involved as a volunteer, please click here.

All of our lead coaches and volunteers are background checked and go through an online child protection training.  Parents are not required to stay for the lessons, but if you choose to, please respect the lesson’s learning environment and only observe from a distance while not distracting or becoming involved with any participant (even your own child) during class time.