Assessment Certification Requirements

Summer 2022 will be the last season First Tee offers assessments.  Starting in 2023, all programs will be age-based throughout the First Tee network.  More information will be coming soon, but the goal of the change is to modernize the program to better meet the needs of all kids and teens.   First Tee will be transforming to match the way nearly all other youth spots and programs are arranged as well as meeting the preference of kids and their parents to keep participants in groups of similar age.

Advancement in First Tee’s program is solely up to the participant and his/her aspirations. The length of time needed to certify from one level to the next will vary from participant to participant. Certification Requirements are posted to help participants and parents follow along with progression and preparation for certification, while encouraging practice and play outside of scheduled class time. Please note that the only exception is the TARGET level, which is an optional class for 5- and 6-year olds and does not have a Yardage Book or assessment. Participants simply age out to the PLAYer level on their 7th birthday.

First Tee – Greater Charleston recommends a minimum of 16 hours (36 required for Birdie and 64 required for Eagle) at each level before attempting the assessments.  Participants must also have reached the required minimum age of the next level to successfully certify.  Any assessments that are taken before that minimum age is reached or before any mandatory hour requirements are completed will be viewed as practice, and the participant will need to take the assessment again when he/she is eligible to certify.

Assessments are offered at the PLAYer-Birdie levels by appointment only at the completion of each Core Golf & Life Skills Programming session for participants enrolled in the current season’s classes. Assessment schedules are released during week 6 of each season and are emailed directly to families participating that season by the Program Director, and registration is done by email.

Click here to learn more about certification requirements for each program level.