All Fall Core classes have completed for the season. If an assessment need to be canceled, registered families will be emailed directly.

Classes may be canceled on any given day due to facility closure or coach illness, not just bad weather, so please check back here each day for the status of all Core Golf & Life Skill Programs. Updates will try to be made one and a half hours prior to the start of each class, and this is the only notification of a canceled class (emails are not sent). Golf is an outdoor sport, and we will potentially have a class if it is raining. We suggest your child brings a water bottle, a hat or visor, and a rain jacket if necessary. Please keep in mind that for each Core session, due to scheduling, there is only one rain date that will be used, if necessary, following the final week of scheduled programming for all locations.

With the strong chance of pop-up storms, especially in the summertime, coaches may not be able to give a full hour and a half notice for a canceled class.  A last-minute cancellation may need to be made when you arrive to drop off your child(ren).  Please know that the SAFETY of your child is most important.  If a class needs to be canceled when you arrive, participants, parents, and coaches must immediately vacate the area, and our policy is that all participants must be taken off golf course premises by their families since we have deemed the golf course to be unsafe due to weather conditions. 

Please note that our coaching staff is very understanding if your child needs to miss a class.  We want all participants to engage in as many activities as possible to become well-rounded individuals, and for that reason, many of our participants do not have perfect attendance for all 8 weeks of a season.  We will not be offering make-ups if your child misses a class, as our classes are full to their COVID-19 mandated max.  We do not allow make-ups to affect the 4:1 participant to coach ratio that we value in all classes.