Equipment for Classes & Pick Up Stix Program

First Tee – Greater Charleston provides access to developmentally appropriate equipment during each session of on-course programs.  If participants have their own golf clubs, please feel free to bring them, but if they do not or if clubs they own may not be the correct size, we recommend utilizing our equipment.

First Tee also offers FREE sets of golf clubs to participants without equipment who are at the Advanced PLAYer, Par, Birdie, Eagle, and Ace levels through our Pick Up Stix Program. For those at the TARGET, PLAYer, and Teen levels, we offer trade-in programs if participants have clubs that may be too short or too long. Our motto is that we want golfers to grow OUT OF their golf clubs instead of INTO them for the best chance of success and most enjoyment while learning the game of golf!

Thanks to a generous donor who supplied 50+ sets to get our Pick Up Stix Program started in 2017, we have been able to give out and exchange 150 sets of golf clubs in 4 years!