Game Changers Hold Mock Trial Event at Charleston Historic Courthouse

Game Changers pose with mock trial volunteers at Charleston Historic Courthouse | Photo by Gabriel Conn

July 20, 2023 | Program Update

Program Update January 1, 2024: The Game Changers Immersion Program is now called Pathfinder Immersion Program.

Our Game Changers Immersion Program (GCIP) held its third annual mock trial event at Charleston’s Historic Courthouse yesterday. Amanda Perry, Esq. and Steven Smith, Esq. have been practicing with GCIP kids all summer in preparation for two cases—the State vs. Gold E. Locks and the State vs. Jack Robinson (of Jack and the Beanstalk).

First-year Game Changers (rising sixth graders) prosecuted and defended Jack. Second and third-year participants (rising seventh and eighth graders) represented Gold E. Locks and her accusers, the Bear family.

While all parties presented persuasive arguments, the jury reached unanimous verdicts in both cases. Gold E. Locks was found guilty of bad manners and theft. Jack Robinson was found not guilty of second degree intentional homicide.

Special thanks to Amanda Perry, Esq. and Steven Smith, Esq. who support this enrichment opportunity year after year with their time, talent, and energy. Our Game Changers have learned so much from you!

And thank you to the many volunteers and staff members who helped make this year’s event a success—Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, Esq. (judge), Officer Gause (bailiff), Officer Rice (bailiff), Ryan Webster, Esq. (juror), First Tee Program Director Meghan Taylor (juror), First Tee Marketing Director Kendall Flock (juror), Game Changers Immersion Program Director Lerone Johnson, and camp counselors Maddie, Antonio, Vada, Olivia, and Gabe.