100 Hole Golfathon: Meet Our First Tee Alumni Players

May 1, 2023 | Participant Spotlight

On May 22, Friends of First Tee – Greater Charleston will take on the incredible challenge of playing 100 holes of golf in one day at Wescott Golf Club. That’s a lot of golf! And while some might suggest that it’s too much golf, we promise it is for a good cause.

The 100 Hole Golfathon, formerly known as the 100 Hole Hike, got its start in 2019. To date, this fundraiser has sponsored 5,000+ FREE rounds of golf through our Swing it Forward program, 400+ rides to local golf courses and enrichment activities, and 1,200+ scholarships for on-course Golf & Life Skills classes. None of that would be possible without committed Golfathon-ers and the generous friends, family members, and colleagues who support them with pledges.

Meet Our First Tee Alumni Golfathon-ers

In the spirit of friendly competition, we’ve recruited two First Tee – Greater Charleston alumni to face off with board members, YAC members, PGA club professionals, and other seasoned golfers in the Charleston community.

Maya Timmons

Maya is a First Tee alum who participated in our Golf & Life Skills program for 12 years. She attended Ashley Ridge High School, certified Ace at First Tee in 2015, graduated high school 2017, attends Western Governors University, and works at Topgolf. She graciously volunteered to cheer on our teams at the 2022 100 Hole Golfathon. This will be her second year attending and first year captaining a team!

“I’m really excited about playing in the 100 Hole Golfathon… I wish more people knew about it so that we could get a bigger crowd of people fundraising for our kids! I also wish that people knew playing 100 holes isn’t as daunting as they may believe. Last year’s event was extremely fun!”

– Maya Timmons, First Tee – Greater Charleston Alum

Kyle Myers

Kyle is a First Tee alum with more than 10 years Golf & Life Skills experience. He attended Fort Dorchester High School (where he played on the golf team), certified Ace at First Tee in 2015, and graduated high school in 2016. He now coaches First Tee classes at Pine Forest Country Club in Summerville.

“I’m overjoyed to participate in the 100 Hole Golfathon, especially with it being hosted at my old stomping grounds, Wescott Golf Course. I am looking forward to some good shots and great memories while raising money and awareness for First Tee, an organization that I spent over a decade of taking golf classes from and now get the privilege of coaching classes of my own. First Tee provides a safe, positive and instructional environment to teach golf and life skills that can be used on and off the course. I can’t wait to tee off the first hole and make the most out of this great opportunity!”

– Kyle Myers, First Tee – Greater Charleston Alum

Help Maya & Kyle Keep Kids On Course

Maya, Kyle, and their teammates will battle it out for Golfathon bragging rights in the following categories:

  • Most funds raised
  • Most donor support (number of donors)

They will be out at Wescott Golf Club from sun-up to sun-down, walking, running, and riding 20+ miles—taking hundreds of swings along the way. We’re confident that they have what it takes to stay the course, but it’s going to be a long day. Support from you will keep them going, and it will also help us keep kids on course throughout the year!

All per hole pledges and flat-rate donations welcome, and they add up to accomplish big things! When you make a gift to Maya or Kyle:

  • Kids can attend On Course Programming FREE of charge. For every $1,500 raised, we can offer up to 6 FULL scholarships.
  • Golf is FREE for ALL Charleston Area Kids through Swing it Forward. For every $2,000 raised, we can sponsor 400 rounds of golf.
  • Kids receive FREE rides to and from the golf course. For every $2,500 raised, we can provide 80 round trips to groups of young people who are facing transportation challenges.

Visit our PledgeIt page to see fundraising progress, and tune into our Instagram and Facebook feeds on May 22 for day-of-play coverage.