First Tee Game Changers Play Port City Golf Club Fall Classic Amateur Tournament at Charleston Municipal

Photo courtesy of Toby Jenkins | Isaiah Myers (far left); Macio Jacobs Sr. (left); Josiah Myers (right); and Eduardo Curry Jr. (far right) pose with teammates at the 2nd Annual Fall Classic Amateur Golf Tournament

October 27, 2022 | Participant Spotlight

First Tee Game Changers Isaiah and Josiah Myers attended Port City Golf Club’s Fall Classic Amateur Golf Tournament at Charleston Municipal Golf Course on Saturday, October 22nd. Accompanied by mentor and friend Eduardo Curry Jr., the brothers played 9 holes in a competitive youth event ahead of adult participants.

Isaiah (age 12) started strong, hitting well off of the tee box on the first hole and putting skillfully on the green. Josiah (age 13) got off to a slower start, but as the day heated up so did his game. We’re proud to have both of these fine young men representing us in the community!

When asked how they liked participating in the tournament, Isaiah and Josiah expressed sincere appreciation for the chance to play. Thank you to Macio Jacobs Sr., President of Port City Golf Club for providing the opportunity and to Eduardo for accompanying!

Eduardo is a mentor and School Engagement Program Manager for Charleston Promise Neighborhood, a local nonprofit working to improve academic, health, and social outcomes for underserved youth. Visit to learn more. He also serves on a nominations task force for our Game Changers Immersion Program.

Isaiah and Josiah are both second-year Game Changers, and they are part of our original immersion program class (Class of 2028). They meet with First Tee coaches Monday-Friday each summer and on Saturdays during the school year for on-course instruction and off-course enrichment activities.

We add a new class of Game Changers each summer (rising 6th graders), and we intend to offer year-round support to all immersion program participants through high school graduation. Email [email protected] to learn more about ways to get involved!